The Best New Marketing Move for Your Salon Business

By Jon-David

Marketing consultant to salon businesses

When I coach any business on marketing, especially a salon, my first obligation is to illuminate the fact that the new “word-of-mouth” is done through the Internet.

And the Internet, my friends, is nothing to be scared of. In fact, it should be your best friend when it comes to attracting new business.

You want your salon business name to be memorable and at the tip of your customers’ tongues – or fingertips, in the case of them sharing salon recommendations across social media. Of course they’ll remember your salon’s name, especially if it’s catchy and they’ve been your clients for years. But why stop there? The domain name, or your “address” on the Internet, is just as valuable -- if not more so -- when it comes to digital “word of mouth.”

Just recently, new domain extensions were released that allow you to better accentuate your URL as a salon: Instead of being a ‘dot-com’ (.com), you can now be a ‘dot-salon’ (.salon).

If you’re in the beauty industry – hair, makeup, nails, etc. – the new ‘dot-salon’ URL provides your business with the exact branding that prospective customer and existing customers will use to find you on the Internet.

And because this not-com option has only recently become available, the probability of getting your first-choice domain name is the best it will ever be.

Yes, ever. Because it’s new.

Even I changed to which is a much better branding choice because I am in the salon industry and want to be found on the Internet as such.

Before I became a ‘dot-salon,’ I had to work a little harder to reach my target audience because “Mafia” + “hairdresser” was confusing (unless someone was searching for my namesake novel that ultimately became my salon brand).


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As a social media and branding expert, there’s not one salon I would not recommend snatching up a new ‘dot-salon’ URL for their business. To punctuate this point, I will use real examples of these salons I found in a random search on YELP for Salons in Chicago:

In each case above, just consider the visual association. It’s cleaner and more obvious what these businesses are: salons. Not only do these URLs pop in social media and help with SEO (search engine optimization), but they allow existing customers recommend you more easily – because they’re easier to remember.

After all, as salon industry professionals we do want to be seen as trendsetters of style, and this should extend to our domain style on the Internet, too.

Jon-David is a marketing expert for the salon industry. He's an author, public speaker and co-host of #SalonSpaChat (Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. EST), where he takes questions on how social media can help grow your business. He is also a paid consultant for Donuts, the parent company for Name.Kitchen, but all views expressed are his own.