13 'Dot-Pizza' Websites You Need to Check Out

I Love Pizza With hundreds of new “not-com” options now available for those launching websites, one in particular seems to be attracting a passionate online community: 'dot-pizza' (.PIZZA).

Not to sound cheesy, but we think you’re going to enjoy some of our favorite 'dot-pizza' websites -- ones that don't actually sell any pizza, but may certainly inspire a pizza delivery.

mmm.pizza When you’ve eaten so much pizza, it starts coming out of your eyes!

ninjaturtle.pizza An episode of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" that revolves around -- yes -- pizza.

rad.pizza An upbeat spinning pizza with an positive message. (Kind of random, but we'll go with it.)

space.pizza A bizarre music video in which pizza plays a prominent role.

dat.pizza A pepperoni pizza spinning through space… 'nuf said.

perpetual.pizza If you stare at this spinning pizza for long enough, maybe it’ll become real?

andrew.pizza Andrew made a website to let the world know how much he loves pizza. Because why not?

team.pizza This site asks one simple question, “What is the best possible thing you’d want to happen in this world?” We hope the answer is free pizza for all.

random.pizza This generator helps you find your perfect pizza… but only in Lithuania.

near.pizza This site shows your Google Map location inside of a pizza. Perhaps in the works: showing all of the open pizza joints nearby?

personal.pizza An inspirational quote for die-hard pizza fans who need an extra push to be awesome.

eat.pizza This green-haired anime chick loves her pizza ...

ohyes.pizza Random blog posts that give you the same ‘Oh, yes’ feeling that comes with taking a first bite of pizza.