13 Tips for Naming Your Business in a Digital-Dependent World


13tips_digital_world-01 Just a decade ago, creating the perfect name for your business was a lot simpler. With today's advancement of technology and (what feels like) a daily increase in social media platforms available, however, naming has become a bit more complicated.

There are a variety of 21st-century considerations to factor into choosing the perfect company name. Staying ahead of the digital curve can brand you as an innovator. And this, in turn, can spark curiosity in prospective customers and clients.

So if you don't want your business to been branded a digital "loser," keep these pointers in mind.

And yes, we couldn't resist using our website, Name.Kitchen, in the examples below.  #shamelessplug


Want to stand out on a business card? Get creative with your website name. A memorable URL will be remembered, even if the business card itself gets tossed.



Want to prevent online confusion (or snickers)? Avoid a name with 'CamelCase' because it could be misread in URLs and hashtags, e.g. Pen Island could be mistaken for something a bit more provocative with #penisland or www.penisland.company.



Want to stand out on mobile? Your name should look good on a logo or app while viewed on a smartphone.



Want to stand out on Facebook? Choose a name that fits nicely into a profile picture.



Want to stand out on Twitter? Keep it concise for a shorter Twitter handle. Plus, you have just 160 characters in your profile bio – a concise name leaves space to describe what you actually do!



Want to stand out online? Choose a “not-com” domain so that people immediately know what you’re about, e.g. www.YourName.agency



Want to stand out on digital swag? Make sure that name looks good on phone cases and pocket phone chargers you might give to potential customers and clients.



Want to make sure it’s not being used elsewhere? Google it, do searches across social media, and check availability on www.your.domains. If it looks available, trademark it immediately.



Want to stand out on YouTube? Audio and visuals helps with recall. Make sure you say the name out loud in any video advertising. Visuals on the screen of the name help too!



Want to be found on search engines? Make sure your name is easy to spell and pronounce. That way, when a potential costumer Googles you, your website shows up. (It's important to note that search engine optimization, or SEO, is contingent on a variety of factors, which include: keywords in the domain name; site content; regular updates and introduction of new content; link-backs to your website; and much more. In short, being "searchable" is not exclusive to your name, but having a memorable name makes things easier.)



Want to get noticed on a podcast? A short domain name is more easily remembered. Keep that in mind when advertising on a podcast so people know where to find you online.



Want to stand out on Instagram? Keep your name concise, considering your bio cannot exceed 150 characters and including a link to your website is standard.



Want to stand out on LinkedIn? Your name should fit nicely and neatly in a company page profile picture.