14 Domain Names Perfect for Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, we're grateful for all lot of things. Freedom, family, football and feasting -- just to name a few.

We're also grateful for new creativity to be found on the Internet. It comes in the form of hundreds of new "not-com" options. These choices beyond the decades-old 'dot-com' (.com) and 'dot-net' (.net) are ushering in a new era for the Internet: one that is producing some spectacularly memorable domain names.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we dreamt up a dozen new domain names -- all still available for purchase, as of Nov. 23 -- that remind us of freedom, family, football and feasting.

www.GobbleGobble.lifeFor people who live Thanksgiving 365 days a year.

www.MyFamilyIs.gold At least, tell them this on Thanksgiving.

www.LoveFilled.house Because nothing warms a home like a home-cooked meal and passive-aggressive questions from family members.

www.HomeForTheHolidays.support Admit it, you definitely need this. Just a little bit.

www.Gratitude.worksWhen conversations at the holiday dinner table go sideways, remember this.

www.GratefulForMy.dog This is the one family member who will love you no matter how many servings of turkey you take … as long as you sneak some to him under the table.

www.Thanksgiving.kitchen Maintain that turkey-stuffing-cranberry aroma 365 days a year.

www.FamilySecret.recipes The recipe to each grandma’s signature Thanksgiving dish needs to reside here.

www.DontBurnTheTurkey.tips This could compete with the Butterball Turkey hotline …

www.Thanksgiving.pizza When you burn the turkey, this is always a Plan B. (It also makes a terrific Plan A.)

www.TurkeyDay.football Because what’s Thanksgiving without some football?

www.GobbleGobble.cafe A place where only turkey is served.

www.FamilyBonding.solutions When Monopoly and Scrabble won’t cut it.

www.GratitudeFor.today Because why only give thanks on Nov. 25? Make it everyday.