30 Years of .COM: We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Guess who turns 30 this week?  Good old .COM.  Hard to believe that this domain ending has been around since 1985. As it celebrates this birthday milestone, Name.Kitchen editors thought it would be fun to reflect on the past 30 years. How has the world advanced since 1985?

We pair up a "then & now" retrospective with some of the newest domain endings available -- meaningful, modern-day choices that advance website naming and shake up a status quo established back in 1985.

.TECHNOLOGY The clunky computers of 1985 are laughable compared to the light-as-air laptops of today.


.CAMERA Disposable 35mm cameras were all the rage in 1985. But why wait to get film developed? Pu-lease. Today's digital cameras  and smart phones deliver instant "selfie" gratification.


.WATCH The watches of 1985 are so dated compared to today's smartwatches -- which do almost everything. (Simply telling the time is so one-note these days.)


.COOL Carrying a cell phone the size of a brick was impressive in 1985. Those days are long gone -- thank goodness -- with the introduction of sleek smartphones.


.CLOTHING In 1985, shoulder pads, florescent prints and mile-high hair were en vogue. The "it" look of today isn't quite so in-your-face scary.


.MEDIA In 1985, we were still watching news and sitcoms on turn-knob televisions sporting rabbit ear antennas. Today, most living rooms are dominated by high-definition flatscreen televisions offering a bevy of cable channels.


.RENTALS Remember driving to Blockbuster and renting the latest movie on VHS tape?  Today, we enjoy instant viewing pleasure -- without leaving the couch -- thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV.


.FITNESS Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons motivated us in 1985 -- and boy-oh-boy, they certainly inspired some crazy workout outfits.  Today, popular fitness regimes and attire are a little more zen.


.COFFEE In 1985, many of us were still getting our coffee from a can.  Today, there's a Starbucks on almost every corner to satisfy any in-the-moment caffeine craving.


.SINGLES The year .COM was born, brave singles looking for love scoured the "Personals" section of the local newspaper, never knowing what they'd turn up. Today, online dating sites instantly match up singles with pictures and full profiles.


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