7 'Dot-Vacations' Sites to Inspire Your Summer Trip

dot vacation-01 Have you planned your summer vacation yet?

Name.Kitchen editors are in wanderlust mode, so we've assembled a few websites using 'dot-vacations' (.vacations) domains to inspire your next big trip.


Magical, indeed. Disney World and Universal Studios transport guests to an alternate universe where the biggest stress should be: "Which ride do we tackle next?" Save money by planning ahead (Park Hopper passes are a great deal), and save time by downloading the My Disney Experience app, which alerts you to ride wait times and much more.



From sea to shining sea, the U.S.A. is home to spectacular landscapes that beckon in summer -- think Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite -- not to mention iconic drives that scream road trip. Gas prices are at their lowest since 2005, which should save travels roughly $300 on summer car trips, according to Orbitz. Route 66, anyone?



If Europe is on your vacation bucket list, this summer is the time to go. The euro has weakened considerably against the U.S. dollar. For the first time in nearly a decade, the currencies are nearly equal in value (1€ : US$1.11), making cities such as Paris, Venice and Barcelona more affordable for American travelers.



Recently crowned by USA Today as one of the "10 Romantic Islands You'll Fall in Love With," Cape Breton is a charming seaport destination nestled on Canada's Atlantic Coast. Sail its waters, feast on fresh lobster and embrace a community where time slows down.

Cape Breton NS


Move over Napa and Sonoma. Sip your way through the Temecula Wine Region, the heart of California's South Coast Wine Region. More than 50 different varietals of wine await -- just don't try them all at once.

View of the rolling hills of Temecula, center of Southern California wine making during harvest season


A visit to your local zoo will never be the same again. Journey across the Atlantic to spot the "Big Five": lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and Cape buffalos. Also keep an eye out for giraffes, hippos and zebras.



Giant palm trees, white-sand beaches and snorkeling in the Caribbean?  Yes, please.