Celebrated Yoga Teachers Embrace 'Dot-Yoga'

Stretching out their legs and backs Several big names in the yoga community are helping to change the face of yoga online -- via their domain names.

Ana Forrest, Suzanne Bryant and Elena Brower are adopting 'dot-yoga' (.YOGA) domains, pioneering a new way of categorizing yoga businesses on the Internet. This domain is one of more than 500 new "not-com" options recently made available to consumers, alongside other industry-specific options such as 'dot-legal' (.LEGAL), 'dot-photography' (.PHOTOGRAPHY) and 'dot-dental' (.DENTAL). 'Dot-Yoga' became available to the general public this past February.

Bryant is a yoga and meditation teacher known for her film "YOGA IS: A Transformational Journey." Her website YI.yoga will be home to the first online yoga conference.

Brower, who is participating as a featured yoga influencer in the YI.yoga conference, has launched teach.yoga as a site for yoga teachers to connect and share learnings.

"The virtual spirit of collaboration amongst yoga teachers is stronger than ever, and to have such a simple, potent address will keep us all connected and inspired," Brower said. "Now we can watch how the release of new 'dot-yoga' websites will inspire our friends across the globe to create, redesign and refocus their efforts both in their studies and projects."

Ana Forrest, the founder of Forrest Yoga, has registered a number of 'dot-yoga' domains to secure her name and to create a new vision online. Anaforrest.yoga, which is not yet live, will be a special site in celebration of Ana's forty years of teaching.

"We're thrilled to be revamping our website and bringing something captivating to Ana's online community in celebration of her 40 years of teaching and evolving Forrest Yoga," Charlie Speller, Commercial Director of Forrest Yoga, said.

How might these women influence others in the yoga community to evolve their online names similarly?  Stay tuned.