One of the Funniest Things on the Internet for Tech Geeks

By Erica Bray

When “technology experts” from 1983 interview today’s hottest tech companies, comedy is bound to ensue. And it does on the Computer Show, our newest favorite thing on the Internet. The mock 1980’s cable access show (complete with vintage graphics and synthesizer-style theme music) stars “Gary Fabert,” a soft-spoken and slightly creepy co-host with the task of interviewing founders of 21st-century tech companies.

Fabert lacks common knowledge about today’s world -- like what websites, URL links and smartphones are -- which illuminates just how far we’ve come in the past 30 years, wrapped in geeky humor.

Guest reactions alone are pretty hilarious, if not a bit uncomfortable. Such was the case with Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of REDDIT.


The name of the show -- simple and straightforward for even 1983 standards -- gets a modern-day boost with its website name:

Yes, that’s a ‘dot-show’ (.show). It's one of hundreds of new domain options available and transforming the Internet in ways that would, in all likelihood, blow Fabert’s mind. That is, if he even knew what the Internet was. From watching these episodes, he has a hard time even grasping that.

The website name is a bit of an ironic twist by the comic geniuses at Sandwich Video, which produces the series. The company specializes in making videos and commercials for "neat tech products.” currently houses just two episodes, so let’s hope that Sandwich has more in the works and can pluck from its roster of impressive tech clients. Fabert is clearly looking for love, so how about an interview with the founders of Tinder?