Cooking Up The Perfect Domain Name

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By Maris Callahan

If you’re a tech savvy foodie, you may have noticed the Internet is rife with digital innovation in the food and beverage space. From social networks, where people seem to post photos of everything they eat, to delivery apps that will bring you your favorite meal in under an hour, food is everywhere you look online.

Food has even made its way to your domain name endings.

This week, a colleague was browsing for breakfast recipes when he noticed something interesting about the website of a popular Greek yogurt brand. It did not end in .com, .net or .org, but it ended in ‘dot-FAGE’ (.fage):

A few clicks through the company website confirmed that Fage is one of the latest food and beverage brands to use its own ‘dot-brand’ domain name ending:,

While not all brands have the option of using their company name to the right of the dot, anyone can pop online and choose from one of hundreds of generic and specific domain name endings that provide colorful alternatives to ho-hum traditional domains.

Dot-café (.cafe)

Dot-catering (.catering) 

Dot-coffee (.coffee)

Dot-delivery (.delivery) 

Dot-fish (.fish) 

Dot-kitchen (.kitchen) 

Dot-pizza (.pizza) 

Dot-recipes (.recipes) 

Dot-restaurant (.restaurant) 

Dot-vin (.vin) 

Dot-wine (.wine) 

In addition to Fage, here are a few more delicious corners of the Internet using creative new domain name endings:

Food and recipe bloggers are quickly jumping onto the not-com bandwagon in creative ways.

Even though Laura Peterson of Pink Cake Plate was satisfied with her longtime domain name, she loved the idea of a ‘dot-recipes’ (.recipes) site so much that she added “” to point to the recipe page on her website. Another example is, a food blog that uses a new domain in a creative manner.

While some domain name endings are more generic, like ‘dot-business’ (.business) or ‘dot-company’ (.company) others are very specific, and tell the world exactly who you are and what business you’re in. The ‘dot-catering’ and ‘dot-restaurant’ domain names are two that are extremely specific, and allow you to be hyper creative selecting your name to the left of the dot, and extremely specific to the right of the dot. wouldn’t tell prospective customers anything about what kind of business they’re searching, but tells the world that this is a catering company.

In Princeton, NJ, Vidalia is an authentic Italian eatery featuring delicious farm to table dishes. For nearly ten years, chef/owner Salvatore Scarlata has operated the locally acclaimed restaurant, and he’s managed to blend the authentic and traditional with the new and modern by choosing a ‘dot-restaurant’ (.restaurant) domain name for the website.

The domain name tells the world not only that it is a restaurant, but further emphasizes the restaurant’s mission: to provide guests with a unique experience every step of the way.

Not only do new domain names help business owners boost their digital marketing strategies by telling the world exactly who they are and what they do, they help brands form communities online.

That is exactly what four major wine regions have done by using the ‘dot-wine’ (.wine) and ‘dot-vin’ (.vin) domain name endings. One website we like is, a corner of the internet undoubtedly devoted to content about everyone’s favorite Italian bubbly.

Others include and These websites are not only meaningful and memorable, but they educate and inform visitors who share a passion for wine.

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