'Dot-Vision': Build Your Online Brand With a Forward-Looking Domain



By Mary Hiers

The word "vision" can have many different meanings. At its most literal, it refers to the power of perceiving surroundings with the eyes. But it can also refer to the anticipation of something, usually something positive.

Similarly, "vision" can refer to something a person "sees" with their mind, even though it isn't physically present. (It's a more positive connotation than the medical term "hallucination.") It can also refer to something or someone that's extraordinarily beautiful: "She was a vision in dark blue."

All these definitions share a sense of looking forward, of positivity and of things that are pleasant and beautiful. Now you can emphasize this quality in your website address with the 'dot-vision' (.vision) domain. It can be an appropriate domain extension for many different types of websites, whether the word is taken literally or figuratively.

Check out this Pinterest page for a variety of companies jumping on the 'dot-vision' website trend. Below are a few favorites, and why the domain works for each business.



The 'dot-vision' domain makes perfect sense for a business devoted to photography and videography services -- such as 'DreamArtStudio.vision.' This business specializes in big life events such as weddings, engagements and quinceañeras in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With backgrounds in still photography, television and music video production, and video editing, the team behind 'DreamArtStudio.vision' hopes to present clients with the perfect visualization of milestone events they want to remember forever.



The UK team behind 'Surreal.vision' is interested in a different type of vision: robotic vision. The computer and robotic scientists who started the company are learning how to build perception and spatial awareness into a new generation of robots and computers. It involves capturing extremely detailed information about the physical world and letting robotic components "see" it in order to make decisions about steps or actions to take. With doctorates in computer vision, the 'Surreal.vision' team is at the forefront of mixed reality and autonomous robotics.



"Vision" is a key concept in personal and commercial architecture and design, so it only makes sense that an architecture and design firm would choose a 'dot-vision' domain. 'Key.vision' is a company of artists, designers and architects with backgrounds in different cultures who offer services including computer graphic visualization. With offices in Florida and California, 'Key.vision' offers architecture and design services including exterior renderings; interior renderings; 2D and 3D marketing floor plans; and design animations.



The 'dot-vision' domain is a natural fit for the eyewear industry -- and startups may have an easier time reserving the name they want in the 'dot-vision' domain as opposed to the crowded 'dot-com' space. Located in Sheffield, UK, 'Eyefinity.vision' caters to a small but loyal optometry clientele with a wide range of designer frames. The company also offers vision screening services for local companies and provides eye examinations that look for signs of glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels, often before they cause physical symptoms.



Located in Warsaw, Poland, 'Aleph.vision' embraces a relatively new form of vision, which is visualization of insights from so-called "big data" sources. Businesses are embracing the idea of big data, but in many cases they don't know how to visualize data so they can derive insights from it. 'Aleph.vision' develops data visualization "cockpits" that let businesses lower risks and improve customer experiences by visualizing the stories told by huge collections of data. The idea is to provide real-time decision support so businesses can adapt to changing conditions.

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