Find a ‘Dot-Clothing’ Domain That Fits Like a Glove


Fits like a glove. As comfortable as an old shoe. Made to measure.

All three of these phrases mean something akin to “a good fit.” And now, the availability of ‘dot-clothing’ (.clothing) domains means that everyone in the clothing business has the chance to seize a domain name that fits.

If you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, clothing store, e-tailer, modeling agency or fashion blogger -- and you’re looking for a place to hang your hat on the Internet -- read on for ideas on how to incorporate 'dot-clothing' into your digital identity.

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Descriptive names

One attractive option is to choose a domain name that makes it self-evident who you are and what you offer to consumers. A few 'dot-clothing' businesses that have had success with this approach are Just Hoods (Just, which sells hoodies and zoodies, as well as UK-based Glow Clothing (Glow.Clothing), which offers -- you guessed it -- all manner of glow-in-the-dark clothing, everything from t-shirts and dresses to gloves and eyewear.


Aspirational names

Another way to go is to embrace a particular movement or lifestyle and to choose a name that reflects that lifestyle. Examples of organizations that have gone this route include: AboveNBeyond (, a Minneapolis-based clothing line “starting a movement filled with individuals who … have made the commitment to go Above N' Beyond in whatever it is that they do.” And then there's Beardlife (, a “movement for the bearded lifestyle” that offers tools, tips and gear to help you grow and maintain your beard.

Creative names

One can also choose a name that is partly descriptive, yet still creative. Consider Stately Clothing (Stately.Clothing), which celebrates the rich, proud heritage of four southern states -- Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee -- by selling short sleeve jersey tees designed to appeal to residents of those states. And Photo Clothing (Photo.Clothing), which promotes “all over print” shirts that feature images provided by Photo Clothing’s community of photographers.

Niche-oriented names

Last but not least, bloggers and retailers alike have the chance to secure a name that targets particular niche in the marketplace, like ',' ',' '' or '' Then there are hyper-specific niches, such as Sweggings (, which sells "premium sweater leggings."

Need some help “name-storming” ideas to find a domain that will encourage Internet users to spend money with you? Check out this handy search tool to find website address that will -- pun intended -- knocks your socks off.