Freedom of Choice! The Biggest Evolution in Internet Naming in Decades


Get ready for a major shift in Internet naming. The above video, produced by Donuts Inc., which operates Name.Kitchen, highlights this shakeup. It has to do with domain extensions. Hundreds new "not-com" options have been released by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a global Internet governing agency tasked with insuring a secure and stable namespace across the Internet. By the end of 2015, more than 1,000 new domain extensions will be made available, joining the likes of .COM and .NET, domain extension defaults that been around since 1985.

New choices range from category-specific (such as .PHOTOGRAPHY, .LAWYER and .FITNESS) to organizational (such as .WORKS, .ACADEMY and .WORLD) to downright fun (such .GURU and .WTF). There's even a domain extension dedicated to one of the world's most popular foods: .PIZZA.

Why does it matter? The expansion brings new breadth and depth to Internet naming, empowering people to infuse context and creativity into their digital identity. These new "not-com" choices give companies and entrepreneurs the ability to create a more memorable, customizable and personal website name -- one that is truly reflective of their business.

It also comes at a time when .COM inventory is shrinking and online businesses are multiplying. With the number of registered website names soaring to more than 225 million names globally, and with more than 500,000 businesses launching every month in the United States alone, the Internet "namespace" was ready for this evolution.

Watch the video above -- the first of its kind championing these "not-com" domain options -- and be inspired.

For a comprehensive list of domain endings available, click here.