Hate Your Name? Celebrate National Name Yourself Day

Hello My Name Is If you absolutely hate your given name, then April 9 is your day try on a new one.

That's because it's National Name Yourself Day, a day to adopt a name that you adore -- one that may not be the one your parents chose for you.

Think of it as Halloween for your name. It's a chance to slip into a different identity for 24 hours in celebration of the unofficial holiday.

Fancy yourself the next Beyoncé? Borrow her name for the day. Envious of those who were bestowed with hippie names? Tell people to call you Rainbow. Want a name that sounds a bit exotic? Consider going by Enrique (rolling that "r" with gusto). Or perhaps you've been bestowed with a long and unpronounceable name? Tell people to call you Bob or Sue.

When you order your coffee today and the barista asks for your name -- go ahead and switch it up. It's fun and may even give those of you who absolutely hate your names the courage to perhaps change it for good.

We're thinking that these people will be all over this holiday.