Here Comes the Bride! Look Who's Starting a 'Dot-Wedding' Trend



Weddings feature timeless traditions: the vows, the first dance, the open bar, the terrible dancing by guests indulging at the open bar.

A new tradition has joined this collection, one that helps lovebirds and their guests get ready for the big day. It's called the wedding website.

When Chiara Swaine and Chris Cheshire got engaged, they decided to build one. The site serves as a convenient digital hub of information for their wedding -- the who, what, where, when and how for all those attending.

The URL they distributed to guests in the formal invitation:

Get it? Chiara + Chris = "c-squared."

And did you notice the ending? Swaine and Cheshire are among the first couples getting in on the 'dot-wedding' (.wedding) trend.

"We thought it was a fun choice and one people would remember," says Swaine, who will be taking her husband's surname when they are married July 18, 2015.

For the big day, even the smallest details count, right down to the name you bestow upon your wedding website. The 'dot-wedding' domain option offers a clever way to make your wedding website name pop with guests.

Even if you're not skilled in website construction -- and who has the time with so many other wedding details to plan -- sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wireoffer free, ready-made templates that you can customize.  A 'dot-wedding' domain name could easily redirect to something created on these sites, branding your wedding as something truly unique to your guests.

After all, which of these is most memorable?

  • www.theknot/wedding/soinlove
  • www.weddingwire/weddings/soinlove

Swaine says the domain name is another personal touch she can put on her big day.

"The invites and website are an expression of both of our creative personalities," she says. "I think choosing a 'dot-wedding' (.wedding) domain adds some personality and shows that we've thought about the details."

Here are a few other soon-to-be-married couples who've thought through the details about their wedding website domain names. Prepare to go, "Awww ..."