How a 'Dot-Care' Domain Shows You Have Heart


dot care-01 By Mary Hiers

Do you 'dot-care' about your website address?

'Dot-care' (.care) is one of the hundreds of new domain options available -- yes, hundreds. (Ready or not, 'dot-com' (.com) and 'dot-net' (.net) are getting a lot more company on the Internet.)

Your first impression of 'dot-care' might be that it has to do with healthcare organizations. While that's certainly one appropriate use for this domain, it's actually far more versatile. After all, people "care" about a lot of things: health, appearance, children, pets and their home -- just to name a few. That makes 'dot-care' applicable to any number of organizations, from cleaning companies to pet boarding to nonprofits.

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Could your business benefit from a 'dot-care' domain? It's entirely possible. If you wish to convey care about what's to the left of the dot, then adding "care" to the right of the dot adds meaning and memorability that 'dot-com' could not.

Check out these five creative examples of how the domain is being used.

This site's name is perfectly self-explanatory, saying exactly what they do and where they do it. In fact, a new Phoenix resident who doesn't yet have a dentist might type "Phoenix dental care" into a search engine, and this practice is right there waiting. This use of a 'dot-care' name is straightforward, descriptive and reassuring.


Cobblestone Children's Center is a preschool for children ages three through six in Bend, Ore. The 'dot-care' extension is a natural for preschools, day care facilities and after school care programs. Parents naturally want to seek out providers they are confident will offer the level of care they want for their children.


Skin care is a topic many people of all ages are passionate about, and Mahalo is a company in Kauai, Hawaii, that sells artisanal, "eco-chic" skin care products made from natural ingredients. The 'dot-care' domain is perfect for health and beauty goods because it de-emphasizes that you're dealing with a business -- and instead puts the focus on the caring, pampering aspect of the product.

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Happy Tails offers pet care services such as dog walking and pet sitting to New York City residents. Pet owners want to know that their "babies" are cared for while they're away, and pet-oriented businesses such as this one emphasize this quality in the website address.

Something else most people care a lot about is their home. Yet accomplishing some of those big homeowner tasks, such as cleaning the carpet, can be a major undertaking -- especially in a two-income household with kids and pets. As with the Phoenix dental site listed above, '' says exactly what it does and keeps the emphasis squarely on the customer's needs.

Has 'dot-care' inspired curiosity about new opportunities for your website address? Check out all the "not-com" options available to help make your domain more memorable and meaningful.