How Google is Advancing a New Internet Renaissance


When Google makes an announcement, the digital world pays attention. Especially when that news could help your business thrive online.

The Internet giant this week announced the availability of more than 90 new domain options that range from ‘dot-life’ (.life) to ‘dot-world’ (.world) to ‘dot-pizza’ (.pizza) on Google Domains, its one-stop-shop for launching a business website.

Google says this new expansion beyond the usual ‘dot-com’ (.com) and ‘dot-net’ (.net) offers “more choice and flexibility as you pick a memorable address for your business website.” Click here for Google’s full list.

With Google advocating this emerging Internet naming renaissance – which also includes its $25 million investment in the new domain option ‘dot-app’ (.app) among some 50 others – it clearly sees promise in, not to mention a need for, expanded domain choice. In fact, it this summer announced the creation of parent company Alphabet on a "not-com" domain: So Google is walking the talk.

This should make businesses coming online feel good about choosing a new not-com name. After all, people will be able to “Google” your business if Google itself is leading the charge on this new online naming convention.

Google Domains says its helping businesses create a name that matches who they are and what they do. Among them: A photographer who’s covered Katy Perry, Skrillex and Linkin Park.

Google-10.6.2015-photography A company that “cooks up” customized apparel for businesses, with clients such as Oreo, Subway and KFC.

Google-10.6.2015-kitchen A social media photo kiosk that can be tailored to branded and experiential events.

Google-10.6.2015-social-2 A co-working space in Bellingham, Wash.


Click here to read the more about this Google announcement, or head over to Google Domains.