How to Boost Your Expert Brand Online and Make People Smile

dot guru-01-3
dot guru-01-3

You know what you’re doing and have zero reservations about saying it. So why not make that clear in your website name?

‘Dot-guru’ (.guru) is one of the newest “not-com” options to do just that. It's one of the hundreds of new domain choices that allow you to create an online identity that is creative, meaningful and memorable.

Although “guru” is a word that traditionally applies to a spiritual leader or teacher, the word has gone mainstream and is often applied to an expert in any field.

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So go ahead, say you’re an expert in anything with just four letters -- and do it with some fun. Check out these ‘dot-guru’ websites below, and explore this Pinterest page for even more inspiration.



These are “gurus” of biking. BikeRight! chose a fun ‘dot-guru’ domain that doesn’t include its company name, but it sure is memorable! The website even features a cool bike safety guru character. Based in the U.K., the organization teaches instructors about biking safety so they can share their knowledge with kids and adults everywhere.

These artists put theme park caricaturists everywhere to shame. The artists at this unique company draw caricatures of employees at business conferences, trade shows and company parties. They’ve worked for the likes of Google, Ebay and Blue Moon. They’re available for weddings and other parties, too.

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With more than 15 years of experience, May Onisko certainly qualifies “guru” of fitness, personal training and yoga. Or, the more clever description: a “MatHead” guru. Onisko offers group and one-on-one training sessions at her studio in California.

This site is worth visiting for the adorable pups alone. Snow Dog Guru provides a variety of information about dogs, particularly huskies, and includes user forums to share information and tips. Learn about diet, grooming, training and how to make a sick huskie some tasty chicken noodle soup.


Feel like the wheels on your life are about to come off? This site touts one man’s skill at organizing your chaotic life. Derek Clapham promotes himself as a “guru” of getting people’s lives back on track. He meets with clients one-on-one and determines how best to streamline their lives, maximize their time and minimize chaos.

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