It’s the First Time That THIS Appeared in the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising day of the year, and industry eyes are already Monday morning quarterbacking the creativity and innovation found in this year’s commercials. While analysts and pundits argue over the winners and losers, one commercial quietly made Super Bowl history. It happened during the “Gods of Egypt” movie trailer.

In the final frame of the commercial, this was featured:

It’s the first time a “not-com” domain name appeared in a Super Bowl commercial. The URL doesn’t end in the usual ‘dot-com’ (.com) or ‘dot-net’ (.net), in other words. It ends in ‘dot-movie’ (.movie), one of the newest domain extensions available.

These “not-com” options, which range from ‘dot-photography’ (.photography) to ‘dot-world’ (.world) to ‘dot-guru’ (.guru), have been rolling out for public availability since late 2013. They allow businesses and personal brands to create a digital name that is unique, meaningful and memorable.

These colorful endings are transforming the Internet as we know it, just as they are gaining traction with movie studios that – up until now – have had to settle for long-winded URLs for their latest films.

Lions Gate Entertainment, the movie studio releasing “Gods of Egypt,” became the first to use the extension ‘dot-movie’ for the release of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2” in 2015. It featured this domain within its film trailer:

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With the Super Bowl marking a time when advertisers take note of what’s new and forward-thinking in the branding world, we should begin seeing more “not-coms” pop up in television and digital advertising.