Kanye West Unleashes a New Name: Yeezy.Supply

Yeezy.Supply is the name of the website dedicated to hyping the Yeezy 750 Boost sneaker. Designed by Kanye West for adidas Originals, the shoe retails for $350.

Since launching Feb. 6, the website has generated a lot of buzz, thanks to a dramatic countdown clock and social media teases crafted by West, his wife Kim Kardashian and pretty much her entire family. This website now features a clock counting up and footage from his adidas fashion show held Feb. 12.

Yeezy.Supply website

The pomp and circumstance surrounding this shoe launch captured people's attention. Pricey shoes, countdown clocks and social media hype aside, however, the name of this website is worth a closer look. After all, it's not YeezyBoost.com.

West has always been an innovator, most notably as a music producer, songwriter and rapper, and a big part of his ability to capture people's attention comes from his playfulness with words.  It's won him 21 Grammys, just as it's earned him headlines.

He's taken this innovation with words to a new space with his naming of this website. Yeezy.Supply fuses together two unique things: West's rap nickname and a domain ending that is not ".com."

First: There is the nickname. Most reports suggest that "Yeezy" has roots in "Kanyeezy," an extended version of West's rap name. You're not a bonafide rapper unless you have a rap name.

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Second: There is ".supply." This is an intentional departure from the default domain ending of ".com" and is one of hundreds of new domain endings now available to those launching websites. It's new, it's different, it's unique -- all things that West aspires to maintain for his personal brand.

Combine these two things, and the name makes a statement. Add Kim Kardashian tweeting it to her 28 million Twitter followers and 26 million Instagram followers -- and yes, that statement is amplified.

West recently told Ryan Seacrest that his next fashion ambition is to design high school uniforms. Might he launch a school uniform line via Yeezy.Clothing or Yeezy.Boutique? Both domain names have been purchased, although it's unclear by whom. Stay tuned.