Inspiration for 2016: Our Fave 'Not-Com' Websites

Article Feature_inspirationFor2016
Article Feature_inspirationFor2016

Just because a domain name is registered, or purchased by someone, doesn't mean it automatically results in a website. Sometimes these names sit in a sort of purgatory -- either held by an Internet speculator awaiting the highest bidder or saved a by prospective entrepreneur not yet ready to launch his or her brand to the digital world.

We've spend the past year scanning domain names as they are registered -- specifically, ones that use the newest "not-com" domain options -- eagerly waiting to see which ones materialize into a website. We've waited and waited and waited. And for some, we're still waiting to see what happens.

However, many of our favorite domain names from 2015 have resulted in a corresponding website. (Hooray!) Below are our Top 10 sites from our team's monthly domain registration monitoring. They each feature 1) a clever domain name; 2) a beautifully designed site; and 3) an intriguing product, service or mission.

We wish them all continued success into 2016 and beyond.

Perhaps something in this bunch below will inspire you ...  This beautiful website also serves a beautiful purpose, to spread kindness around the world.  From ratchet to red carpet, who doesn't love this superstar's rockin' style?

www.EdgyCuts.styleA 38-year-old ex-punk mom with a crush on edgy minimalistic design. The items featured for sale on this website could not be cuter or cooler. Climate change remained a hot topic -- pun intended -- throughout 2015. This site expresses not only the importance of building green, but information on how to do it.  Yum, yum, yum. And you can purchase gluten-free cookies on this site.  We just really,really like this parody website's name. Designer Skylar Jessen gets major props for creativity with this website that features his resume and portfolio. We love this Roman restaurant's clean design, imagery and graphics.  Our love for cheese might have tipped the scales to include this one on the list. The men of the cheese carrier's guild demonstrate how the cheeses were inspected, weighed and moved in bygone days. An app that codes your texts with emojis is awesome :-P