Roadmap to Creativity: 6 Tips from 'Dot-Graphics' Artists

dot_graphics-01 Creativity doesn't come with a set of directions. Unfortunately, there's nobody who says, "Turn right and you've reached your destination: creativity." Yet somehow, there are those who seem to have a creativity GPS.

Among the lucky handful: graphic artists.

We pumped six graphic artists -- ones with a clever 'dot-graphics' (.graphics) presence online -- for advice on what to do when your creativity is stalled. It's a conundrum often experienced during company or product name brainstorms, so who better to share tips on overcoming these imagination hurdles than people who create, create, create all day?

Perhaps these tips will help you during your next name brainstorm. Some may yield an "ah-ha," while others may yield a "duh." But hey, it never hurts to pull over and ask for directions.


Jack Knight is a newspaper cartoonist and lead designer at Knight Time Creations (www.Jack-Knight.Graphics), which is based in England:



James Bradford (www.Polaris.Graphics) is a graphic designer and web developer based in Utah:



Jorge Brea is the owner of Song Graphics (www.Song.Graphics), based in Florida:



Peter Grilj ( is an IT, graphics and interactive communications aficionado in Slovenia:



Bruce Clifton is the owner of Bullseye Visuals (www.Bullseye.Graphics), which is based in South Carolina:



Jaime Cochren is the owner of Pen & Ink Vintage Graphics (www.PenandInkVintage.Graphics), which is based in Canada: