"Khaleesi" ... Seriously? The Internet Goes Wild With Royal Baby Name Predictions


The world is getting ready for Royal Baby No. 2 -- and taking bets on his or her name.

Speculation builds as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a. Prince William and Kate Middleton, are days aways from introducing their newest bundle of joy to big brother Prince George. (The couple has opted not to learn the baby's gender ahead of the birth.)

With so many parties weighing in -- or obsessing over -- the gender and name, we've collected a snapshot of the latest predictions across the Internet and social media.


daily express
daily express

Leave it to search engine Google to work its magic on the matter. Based on Internet searches, it predicts a girl named after William's mother, the late Princess Diana.

“We are seeing more interesting search activity leading up to the birth of the second royal baby, including frenzied searches around name and gender predications," Laurian Clemence of Google told express.co.uk."The name ‘Diana’ has spiked across the globe over the last week.”

The top predicted names, according to Google searches:

  1. Diana
  2. Victoria
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Catherine
  5. Alice

Paddy Power

PaddyPower Royal baby
PaddyPower Royal baby

Paddy Power is an Irish online betting site for sports and politics -- and most recently, the name of Royal Baby No. 2. While ‘Diana’ is trailing far behind ‘Alice,' winning bets for long-shot ‘Khaleesi’ (aka Princess of Dragons?) will definitely be buying first round at the pub to celebrate.

Novelty Bets – Royal Specials:

  1. Alice 6/4
  2. Elizabeth 6/1
  3. Charlotte 6/1
  4. James 16/1
  5. Diana 20/1
  6. Kate 50/1
  7. Joffrey 250/1
  8. Ringo 500/1
  9. Macbeth 500/1
  10. Khaleesi 500/1



The Twittersphere is speaking loudly on the matter, using the trending #RoyalBabyNames. Users are sharing their predictive input, loud and clear. Suggestions range from maintream monikers, such as ‘Fred,’ ‘Steve’ and ‘Victoria,' to the less obvious, such as ‘Shaniqua,’ ‘Drizzy’ and ‘Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.’ Try explaining those names to the Queen in less than 140 characters.

Name Generators

Can't handle the anticipation? E! Online has released a royal baby name generator for us commoners. The generator will reveal your very own Royal Baby name after you take their fancy test.