Sons Give Digital 'Namelift' to 25-Year-Old Family Business

Jason Jamie - One.World Brothers Jason and Jamie Bensohn are breathing new life into a 25-year-old business founded by their parents.

One World Trading Company -- a UK-based wholesaler of home furnishings inspired by Kathy and Sidney Bensohn's shopping journeys across the globe -- this year rebranded itself as One.World Trading Company.

As in "One-Dot-World," a nod to the business' new website.

Although One.World has found great success thanks to long-standing relationships with European chains such as Selfridges and a One.World store just outside of London, the brothers want to inject a new digital focus as the business makes a bigger push to expand its online offerings.

Jason spoke with Name.Kitchen about joining the family business and transitioning its digital home to a Dot-World [.WORLD] domain.

Explain the meaning behind the name 'One World'?

If you think back to when my parents started the business around 1990 and what the world looked like back then, it was different to today. They were very much having to get on airplanes and travel the world to source our products from far out places. They thought there was some synergy with the name “One World” and how they went about sourcing products, and bringing them back to the UK.

One.World - Showroom-6

Why did you decide to join the family business?

I was working in advertising and I was really enjoying it but slightly frustrated. I realized there was an opportunity to work at something my parents had started, which not everyone has. There was scope for myself and Jamie to approach the business from a slightly different viewpoint to my parents. Specifically, how could Jamie and I put digital at the heart of the business while staying true to our values and what [our parents] have achieved up until now.

Why weren't you satisfied with the website you inherited?

We had an existing website and domain name, which was '' -- which was fine. But one of the first things we talked about before building the site was moving away from the 'dot-net' domain. We felt that showing it on a 'dot-net' domain lessened the brand in many respects. I tend to think that businesses with a ‘dot-net’ missed out on a ‘dot-com’ or a ‘dot-co-dot-UK.'

Why did you decide to switch to a 'Dot-World' [.WORLD] domain?

Just the fact that it plays into our name is really cool. It’s different. It’s something not everyone else has, and often with any bit of marketing just doing something slightly different is great.  It is quite snappy and  makes us seem a little more edgy and on-the-button. Certainly more digital-savvy than what we were previously.

Anything that’s a bit different and stands out is not a bad thing. ‘Dot-com’ still carries credibility and weight, but ‘dot-world’ actually relates to who we are. That carries something more powerful. It’s not only unique but also relevant.

The rebranded website for One.World Trading Co.

Do your customers pick up on this?

Every time we tell people what our domain name is, it leads to a conversation about our business. They ask us what our domain name is, to which we reply, "One-dot-world" -- and almost without fail they repeat it to us with a "dot-com" or "dot-co-dot-UK" on the end. We explain that it’s just "dot-world," and this often leads to a chat about it. Once they get it they think it’s really cool.

How else has the domain name switch recharged the business?

We played around a little more with our branding now that we have Dot-World. With our new logo, we put a dot between the “One” and the “World.”

It also extends across our social channels. We’ve written the actual dot -- as in ‘D-O-T’ -- on our Instagram and Twitter handles, for instance. We’ve taken it beyond just the domain ending and played around with it in our naming as well. So hopefully as this thing grows and people start talking about it more and more, they will find us more quickly online.

The new Twitter handle and logo for One.World Trading Co.

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