This Woman Chucked the Corporate World to Become a Life Coach



When Liz Busch was 28 years old, she quit her lucrative IT job because she was tired of corporate politics that didn’t align with her true desire: to improve the lives of others.

"I was quite miserable working in a corporate world," she recalls. "The value system was not focused on how we can make this better for the users or people in the world so that we can improve their lives. It's mostly about how can we make money off people."

Busch unhinged herself from the golden handcuffs and decided to forge a new path -- at first was uncertain of where that road might lead. Her odyssey of self-discovery took her around the world, including several months of living on a boat in the Caribbean, where she contemplated next steps and mulled -- quite literally -- a world of possibilities.



Her escape from corporate life ultimately led to her enrollment in a life coaching program, where she discovered her true calling. Now 32, Busch is a certified life coach who helps others uncover their most authentic selves and lead purpose-driven lives. Her own life experience is a valuable asset in this new vocation.

Based in New Zealand, she named her private practice Beautiful Threads, and she has a corresponding website to emphasize that she's all about coaching: Busch spoke with Name.Kitchen about the metaphor at the heart of her business name, and why her domain name shouldn’t be mistaken for a sewing class.

Why were you drawn to life coaching?

I'm one of those idealistic people who, at 14 years old, was saying, "I want to change the world." My main goal in life is to improve people's lives and to have an impact on the world in some positive way.

How does life coaching work exactly?

First, I'm not here to tell anybody what to do. I'm here to just reflect a clients' goals. I'm like a vessel that they use to reach their goals and figure out how they can help themselves. My brand of coaching is creative and idealistic. I tap into people's imaginations so they can imagine a better future for themselves in metaphor. Through my coaching, I use a lot of metaphors.

It seems as though that love of metaphor is reflected in your business name.

For me, Beautiful Threads is all about the idea of sewing or creating a tapestry and using little threads to create some intricate pattern … creating a beautiful pattern together out of all the little threads that you use to make your life.

Why did you go with an original name, versus going out as you?

[When I first started out], I actually used my name. But [this business] is not about me. It's about my clients. There's so much that comes with a name that can help inspire people.

How so?

I just started with a new client, and she said, "I'm so glad that you called your company Beautiful Threads, because when I think about it, I think about a cloak that comes around me.” So, for her, the name kind of protects her or comforts her … I like the idea of having a name that everybody can take something different out of.

How did the name manifest?

I was honestly thinking about names for at least a year. I was writing down all the ideas for names in my little notebook. With coaching, it's really hard to avoid a name that's really cheesy, you know, like ‘Positive Movement Life Coaching’ [laughter]. Because with life coaching, it's all about improving people's lives and helping you become a better person.

Did your notebook fill up with “Be Your Best Self” type of phrases that seemed cheesy?

Oh, goodness! Yes, so much cheese.

Of everything in that notebook, why’d you choose Beautiful Threads?

In the end, it spoke to me, and I don't know why. It’s a beautiful name, and I like the word "beautiful" and I like the idea that every big tapestry is made up of little threads. It was on my list, and Axel [my husband] was like, “Liz, you just have to choose a name. I'm going to build the website for you."

Nothing like an outside voice to force a decision. How did your husband help with your website?

Well, ‘BeautifulThreads. com’ wasn't available, but I really wanted that name [Beautiful Threads] in there. So we started looking around at other ‘dots.’ I wanted something to do with coaching, and so we got the ‘dot-coach’ [.coach], even though I thought it might be specific to transportation ...

You've stumbled upon a word with a dual meaning, it seems.

Well, I'm a life coach. If somebody is looking for a life coach, then it's right there in the URL that I'm a coach. And I thought it was nice, as well, that it's different. It is more a descriptive term [than ‘dot-com’]. Plus, ‘BeautifulThreadsLifeCoaching .com’ -- that's just too long.

Any concerns about getting mistaken for a sewing coach?

Yeah, there are companies called Beautiful Threads that are like fabric and sewing related. But my service is obviously not that when you go to the website [laughter].

Learn more about this business by visiting the website