TGIF! Top 10 'Not-Com' Domains of the Week - March 20, 2015


Name.Kitchen editors pick the coolest and most memorable domain names registered each week -- ones that leverage the latest domain endings and make our imaginations go wild.  Below are our favorites for the week of March 16. We look forward to seeing what the owners do with these websites!

  • Who needs drones when you have bees?
  • I swear I ordered the pizza, like, two hours ago!
  • C00L3ST W3B5IT3 3V3R!
  • But seriously, bro...
  •  Enhancing only the most sophisticated of clientele.
  • Google driverless cars? 3D-printed organs?
  • Football, basketball, hockey ... a virtual playground for sports fans.
  • Do I get the black sport or the black stainless steel Apple Watch?! HELP!
  • Gonna ride that wave in my totally tubular Quicksilver wetsuit. Cowabunga, dude!
  • Because the bumblebees only delivery honey-covered donuts.
  • Members include Tina Fey, Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.