TGIF! Top 10 “Not-Com” Domains of The Week — July 10, 2015



Name.Kitchen editors pick the coolest and most memorable domains registered each week — ones that use the newest “not-com” domains and spark our own creativity.

Below are our favorites for the week of July 10.  We look forward to seeing what the owners do with these websites!

  • Grateful Deadheads unite. 
  • Nothing's better then some home cookin'.
  • Really helps in planting the 'love' seed.
  • Guiding with confidence. 
  • Question: What did one hotdog say to the other? Answer: "Hey, Frank!"
  • #LeanIn
  • In that order.
  • Building the best apps with extreme certainty. 
  • Learn the best angles for that perfect solo shot.
  • Speaks for itself.