TGIF! Top 10 “Not-Com” Domains of The Week — July 3, 2015


Name.Kitchen editors pick the coolest and most memorable domains registered each week — ones that use the newest “not-com” domains and spark our own creativity.

Below are our favorites for the week of July 3.  We look forward to seeing what the owners do with these websites!

  • Namaste.
  • We heart the latest Supreme Court ruling.
  • Use tongs, safety first. 
  • What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!
  • Purrrfect for right meow.
  • Stage Five?
  • Make mine an Apple-Carrot-Ginger, please.
  • Remember to always bend with your knees!
  • The Internet is far out, man.
  • Smart + cookie? You've got our business!