TGIF! Top 10 Patriotic “Not-Com” Domains of The Week — June 26, 2015


Name.Kitchen editors pick the coolest and most memorable domains registered each week — ones that use the newest “not-com” domainsand spark our own creativity.

In honor of this Fourth of July, below are our favorite patriotic-themed domains registered this week.  We look forward to seeing what the owners do with these websites!

  • "Oh, say can you see ... "
  • red-white-blue.giftsA website glittered in "Star-Spangled Banner" glory.
  • The best part about the Fourth of July: burgers and hot dogs.
  • When dressing head-to-toe in American flag prints is totally cool.
  • We have a preference for this coach: Mike Ditka.
  • Will it include "Declaration of Independence" action figures?
  • A must-have American staple includes blue jeans.
  • patriot.pizzaWhich is more patriotic: Deep dish or thin crust?
  • A 24-hour homage to all things patriotic.
  • burger.companyBurger requirements include tomatoes (red), mayo (white) -- and not feeling blue after binge-eating at the barbecue.