The Most Earth-Friendly Word on the Internet: 'Dot-Green'



Earth Day turns 45 this year -- but isn't every day a celebration of life on this planet more than 4.5 billion years old?

Nevertheless, each April 22 is a singled-out day to celebrate environmental protection, and 20 years ago was launched to help grow a dedicated community to champion environmental awareness and action.

With the availability of ‘dot-green’ (.green) -- a “not-com” option first made available in March 2015 -- a similar network of earth-friendly advocates is growing online.

No longer are the environmentally conscious constrained to one day, or even one website, to honor the Earth and define themselves as green -- a word that immediately tells people that you're an advocate of sustainability, social responsibility and environmental good.

In fact, 'dot-green' is the world’s only "not-com" option devoted to the green movement. (The anticipated release of 'dot-eco' (.eco) next year, however, will provide another Earth-friendly choice for your domain name.)

As promised by the DotGreen Community website, which operates 'dot-green': “A percentage of revenue from the sales and renewals of .green domain names are used to fund programs and projects aimed at sustainability in regions around the world."

Name.Kitchen editors compiled our favorite sites pioneering a 'dot-green' domain -- to highlight a growing global (digital) community working to build a better future for our planet. Certified Eco youth hostel located in Barcelona, awarded with the EU Ecolabel in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism and protection of the local environment Sells eco-engineered automotive products and offers savings through lowering energy and fuel consumption Pioneering earth-friendly wine making in California, long before "earth-friendly" was a buzzword Committed to providing the world with non-toxic and sustainable cleaning technology Provides customized learning that inspires conservation and sustainability for the next generation Non-profit that focuses on long-term community development initiatives in Africa emphasizing sustainable, locally grown food