The Wide World of Sports Domains


If you’re a sports fan, you probably have an insatiable appetite for news and information about the teams you follow -- an appetite satisfied online when visiting websites devoted to your favorite leagues and players.

It’s why sports-oriented sites have some of the most loyal and engaged audiences, and why new sports-specific “not-com” domain options are inspiring enthusiasm and curiosity among the creators of these sites. These “not-com” options, otherwise known as top-level domains (TLDs), open up new creativity in the digital sports space.

New options such as ‘dot-football’ (football), ‘dot-golf’ (.golf), ‘dot-tennis’ (.tennis) and ‘dot-hockey’ (.hockey) are among the digital tidal wave of choices becoming available. In fact, most major sports and fitness areas are getting a “dot” -- but what does this mean exactly?


Who benefits from the sports “not-coms”

Forward-thinking individuals, organizations and web entrepreneurs looking to highlight a sports profession, expertise or business online now have the ability to craft a URL name that more clearly drives the point home.

Sports teams

Sports teams, athletes and bloggers are among those who stand to benefit most from the sports-specific domain naming options. For example, an NFL team like the Pittsburgh Steelers could embrace the newly available ‘dot-football’ extension and set up a ‘’ site. Similarly, a professional league like Major League Soccer (MLS) could take advantage of the ‘dot-soccer’ (.soccer) extension and establish a web presence at ‘’ But the new choices also offer intriguing options for those looking to operate fan sites, as sports-specific domains open up a world of new possibilities for professional and amateur bloggers alike.

Individual athletes and coaches

Naturally, the new domains are attractive to individual athletes and coaches. It’s easy to imagine the appeal of a domain such as ‘’ (for All-Pro Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers), but the appeal is arguably even greater for those who toil in relative obscurity, as an amateur football coach can now begin advertising his services at a website that uses the combination of his first and last name and ‘dot-football’ -- i.e., ‘,’ for example. Or a high-school football player looking to get an athletic scholarship to college can now set up a site featuring game video and other information of interest to college recruiters at a ‘dot-football’ domain.

Sports-specific news and blog sites

Does your website revolve around a specific sport? Now your URL address can proclaim that loud and clear. Those with fantasy football sites could adopt a 'dot-football' domain; bloggers who comment exclusively on the NHL (National Hockey League) could do so on a 'dot-hockey' domain; and the latest PGA tour updates could reside on a 'dot-golf' domain.

Sporty locales

It just takes a little bit of imagination to think of ways the new choices can be used. A site’s focus could be devoted to a particular place, as in ‘’ -- which would be a ‘dot-surf’ (.surf) site devoted to the world-famous, expert-only Cloudbreak surfing spot at Tavarua Island in Fiji.

Options are attractive for retail businesses, too

The opportunity is also eye-catching for retail business owners, as a store with a name like Goodman Sporting Goods now has the opportunity to do away with an overly long domain name and simply brand itself as ‘goodman.sports.’ Similarly, golf- or tennis-oriented business could brand itself with a ‘dot-golf’ or ‘dot-tennis’ domain, respectively.

Important to note, however, is that some of the aforementioned domain names are not yet publicly available; click here for a curated list of domain retailers where you can check availability. Yet, it’s clear that many of the recently released options are steadily gaining in popularity, such as ‘dot-yoga’ (.yoga) and 'dot-bike' (.bike) -- the latter with nearly 13,000 domains registered since first becoming available just last year.

Inspired? If you’re looking for a new domain name of your own, check out the most current list of not-com word options.