These 20-Year-Old Internet Screenshots Will Make You Laugh

Screen Shot from 1995 Business Insider rounded up a collection of Internet screenshots from 1995 that will either inspire nostalgia or make you laugh -- or both.

Keep in mind, twenty years ago the Internet was a very different place. With only 10 million active users, it was mysteriously intriguing place to most of the general public. It didn't have all the fancy bells and whistles and aesthetics to which we're accustomed today -- as this collection of screenshots reminds us.

But in 1996, Morgan Stanley analysts Mary Meeker and Chris DePuy predicted that usage would change dramatically. In their 322-page report, they wrote: "The market for internet-related products and services appears to be growing more rapidly than the early emerging markets for print publishing, telephony, film, radio, recorded music, television, and personal computers."

Boy, were they right. Fast forward to today: You're living under a rock if you're not online, especially if you're a business. Having a website makes your business "legitimate."

So Name.Kitchen editors salutes these business pioneers of the Internet from 1995, silly-looking websites and all, just as we applaud today's businesses pioneering the use of "not-com" domains -- which some analysts predict as the next biggest evolution of the Internet.