These Oscar-Nominated Movies Have Terrible Domain Names


By Gary Hotze

We’ve all heard the joke that Hollywood is running out of ideas. But did you know that it’s running out of names, too? That's no joke. The Internet has started running out of memorable names to support films with a ‘dot-com’ (.com) or ‘dot-net’ (.net) URL. Even as the Academy Awards gears up to honor its best and brightest, many movie domains fall short of the visual and storytelling heights of their namesakes. Today’s movie domain names are filled with so many hyphens, prepositions and nouns that it feels like they need their own intermission. But this isn’t "Gone with the Wind."

Academy Awards
Academy Awards

Movie studios, however, needn’t sift through the Internet’s "Black and White Age" for a great domain name worthy of the Academy Awards. Just as studios have graduated to color and 3-D, they’re also migrating to a new way of doing things online.

It's called ‘dot-movie’ (.movie), one of the newest “not-com” domain extensions options available to help craft a website name that unique, meaningful and memorable. There's no need to hyphenate, concatenate or desecrate within the domain name. ‘Dot-movie’ tells the whole story without making your audience feel like they’ve watched extended editions of "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" back to back.

We've seen several movies start the 'dot-movie' trend since this option first became available in 2015. Just to name a few:

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2"

"Gods of Egypt"

"Now You See Me 2"

Even though these high-profile pics may have teed off this not-com swing in the past year, all of this year’s Academy Award nominees for Best Picture nominees carry an old-school domain name. Most of them are lengthy and look terrible on a movie poster.

Sure, the movies themselves are Oscar-worthy, but their corresponding domains certainly aren't winning any awards.

We've thrown them into some playful categories that sum up movie URL trends we hope to see eliminated come next year’s Oscar season, while simultaneously bestowing upon them the not-com domain name that they should have chosen.

Forward Slashes 'Til You Faint

"The Revenant" Current Domain: Better Option:

A rotten-teethed Leonardo Dicaprio was left for dead and buried in this panoramic and cinematic tour de force. But after entering this 37-character domain, it seems most unfortunate that this rotten 'dot-com' wasn't buried alongside him.

"The Martian" Current Domain: Better Option:

Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon), was stranded 549 Sols on Mars -- which roughly translates to the length of this domain. I hope you packed enough food stuffs and oxygen canisters.

The Superfluous Movie Qualifier

"Mad Max: Fury Road" Current Domain: www.madmaxmovie.comBetter Option:

Did you know that "Mad Max" was a movie in addition to whatever it isn't supposed to be? The Immortan Joe would probably dismember and leave you single-armed like Charlize Theron's Furiosa, for wasting his time (and water) on this domain that feels like a long arid ride through a thirst-inducing desert.

"The Big Short" Current Domain: Better Option:

The movie is an exercise in sharp scripting. Too bad the domain couldn't say the same.

The Extraneous Preposition and Noun

"Room" Current Domain: Better Option:

"The Room" is about a woman who is held captive in a room for years with her five-year-old son before finally gaining her freedom. Reminds us of the many ho-hum domains held captive by 'dot-com.' 

"Spotlight" Current Domain: spotlightthefilm.comBetter Option:

In "Spotlight," The Boston Globe wrote investigative stories that blew the doors off of a scandal that rocked the Catholic Church. The movie's domain name warrants investigation for this: "Why is it so long?"

The Un-Holy Trinity (A.K.A. The Extra Preposition, Noun and Hyphen)

"Brooklyn" Current Domain:  www.brooklyn-themovie.comBetter Option:

In the spirit of Manhattanites who often joke about Brooklyn being a land far, far away: It seems as though it would take as long to get to Brooklyn from Manhattan as it would to type in this lengthy 25-character domain. 

Let's Be Clear

"Bridge of Spies" Domain:  www.bridgeofspies.comBetter Option:

Looking at this domain alone, you might ask: Is it literally a bridge made up of spies? Replacing 'dot-com' with 'dot-movie' helps to define what people will find on this website. (Just sayin', Mr. Spielberg. Food for thought for your next film.)