These Rescue Dogs Have The Cutest Names Ever


  I am obsessed with the website teased in this playful video -- and it will likely become a favorite for anyone else who loves dogs. It’s called

First, look closely at the name: It is not It is not It’s As in ‘dot-dog’ (.dog). More on that later.

The website celebrates rescue dogs and the organizations the work tirelessly to find them homes. It’s filled with photos of rescue dogs, as uploaded by their pet parents, along with their names and heartwarming tales of adoption. Some of the stories are total tear-jerkers, and the names are absolutely adorable.

- Like Skittles, a sweet-looking pup who was saved from a high-kill animal shelter in Orange County and can now say “Gobble-Gobble” on command.

- Or Zoom-Zoom, an eight-year-old Pekingese mix who was found wandering Manhattan streets by shelter volunteers before being adopted. His pet parent writes, “True to his name, he zips around my house!”

- Or Ramsay, who was named after Chef Gordon Ramsay because, according to her adoptive parents, "she has a tendency to lose her cool over little things like windshield wipers and people on rollerblades."

- Or McDreamy, a 14-year-old blind and deaf dog given a second chance with a new family, and also happens to be named after one of the hottest doctors on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy."

- Or Sweet Pea, a one-year-old mix who got her name as she was cradled by a shelter volunteer during painful emergency surgery after being rescued as a puppy. (The volunteer kept saying, “Oh, Sweet Pea,” over and over.) She's since been adopted, and is thriving.

- Or Snickerdoodles, a five-year-old wire fox terrier originally scheduled to be euthanized after he was found hit by a car. He found a second chance in last-minute surgery and, ultimately, a new home.

- Or Bugsy, a pit-bull mix who was found wandering Chicago streets. He’s now a regular on the set of the TV show “Chicago Fire” and in training to be a therapy dog.

- And then there's Nellie, a rescue dog who was fostered in Illinois before being transported to a Wyoming ranch, where she ran away. The foster parent felt so guilty about giving her up, she drove 18 hours to Wyoming to search for Nellie – and found her! That was five years ago, and they’ve remained together ever since. Awww.

Check out the website to learn the stories of hundreds of other dogs who got a second chance at life – and to learn how you can save even more lives. Because, yes, the mission behind this website goes beyond making people go, “Awww.” It’s also raising money for animal shelters and rescue groups., in partnership with Petfinder Foundation and Donuts Inc., the parent company of Name.Kitchen, will donate up to $100,000 to these organizations.

How? For each rescue pup picture posted, a $10 donation is automatically triggered. Plus, each vote for a favorite dog automatically triggers a $1 donation. (So you needn’t even own a rescue dog to help make a difference!)

Come Sept. 26, the dog with the most votes will receive a $25,000 donation to the shelter or rescue of the adopter’s choice. Fifteen runners up will each receive a $5,000 donation to the shelter or rescue their choice.

“All the money will go toward helping the dogs,” Toni Morgan, executive director of the Petfinder Foundation, told Inc. magazine. "We want to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets." Highlighting inspiring stories of dogs given a second chance at life (which could help inspire others to adopt), coupled with the rally for donations, should help in this effort.

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Now back to the ‘dot-dog’ thing: is a website significance not only in purpose, but also in name. It’s among the first websites to use the ‘dot-dog’ (.dog) domain, a new URL option that emphasizes an affinity for man’s best friend. It’s among the hundreds of options rolling out since 2014 that provide a memorable and meaningful approach to designing your URL.

In this case, ‘dot-dog’ has professional and personal application. If you’re a dog-centric business or organization – or perhaps creating a site dedicated to your pet – then this is the doggone domain for you.

It’s certainly getting tails wagging at