This App With the Gorilla-Inspired Name Is the Coolest Way to Play With Your Selfie


Tired of taking the same old selfie? Kong is a new app that allows you to create short, looping GIFs of your face and share it across social networks. At Name.Kitchen, we’re already obsessed, and we’re surprised that Kim Kardashian isn’t already all over it.


Produced by Path, it’s available on iOS and Android – and it’s free. Go to to download the app.  Yes, you read that website correctly: It’s on a ‘dot-wtf’ (.wtf).

While the 'dot-wtf' domain ending captures the fun and irreverent nature of the app, we're curious about the app's name, Kong. It’s short (one syllable) and memorable (makes us think of a certain giant, chest-beating gorilla). But what it has to do with capturing animated selfies, we’re not quite sure. Nevertheless, the name ‘Kong’ does translate to "glorious," and this app is pretty frickin’ glorious – for the selfie-obsessed generation.

The mechanics of it are pretty simple: A button at the bottom of the screen records short animations of your face, with additional features to add text or filters.  Once the moving image is captured, you have the option to share it across Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites – as well as with other members on Kong. Channels of content around different topics have sprouted up, such as #coffee and #simonsays, inspiring users to play off one another in a fun call-and-response way.

Kim Kardashian, the Kong community awaits your presence.