This Baby’s Website is Better Than Yours Mira Lieke Mandos has a website before she’s even uttered her first word.

The bundle of joy born to Fiona and Jochem this summer was introduced to friends and family via this cleverly named website:

Hey, Hey, Mira! What a way to be welcomed into to the world -- not to mention, the digital ‘dot-world.'

Could this be the start of a 21st-century trend? Babies announcements attached to an entire website? Is snail-mailing, or even emailing, photos so very 20th century?

For a generation of tech-savvy new parents who've grown up with the Internet and aren't shy to share-share-shre over the digital ecosphere, this could be the case.

Mira’s website features photo of the cutie-pie newborn swaddled in a blanket, along with information about her birth and details of an upcoming party. The site even includes crowdfunding opportunities for those who wish to celebrate Mira's world debut. Her parents are asking for help funding Mira’s diaper fund (surprise, surprise) and a few of her “dreams” -- which include her first bike and first trip to see the world.

As the website says: “Few things should be supported more than the ability to dream big.”

The digital world is a big space, Mira, so dream big indeed. And when you're old enough to type, perhaps you'll swap out "first bike" for "first Ferrari."