A Brainstorm Beyond ".Com"


Which businesses are generating the most interest among startup types? Inc. recently revealed the 10 most popular new businesses for entrepreneurs to start. It's based on searches on the website Bplans, which features sample business plans across hundreds of industries.

Because every new business demands a website, we thought it would be fun to match these picks with some of the hundreds of new domain name endings available.

These are alternatives to ".com" that can add more context and creativity to a business domain name, and help to make companies more memorable in the eyes of potential customers. Some of these words may even factor into a business name brainstorm.

Here are the 10 most popular businesses and our domain ending suggestions:

1.  Services .services, .agency, .ventures, .works, .support, .network, .company, .expert, .guru

2.  Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery .restaurant, .coffee, .farm

3.  Retail and Online Store .boutique, .clothing, .center, .place

4.  Medical and Healthcare .healthcare, .expert, .surgery

5.  Manufacturing .builders, .construction, .contractors, .equipment, .land, .tools, .supply, .parts, .house

6.  Nonprofit .org, .community

7.  Bar and Nightclub .bar, .club, .restaurant

8.  Farm and Food Production .farm, .center, .fish, .productions

9.  Wholesale and Distributor .supplies, .supply, .works, .center, .exchange

10.  Construction and Engineering .construction, .contractors, .builders, .expert, .land, .house, .engineering