Where the Party At? A ‘Dot-Events’ Website Will Tell You


Social butterflies, listen up: If you’re hosting a celebration or the owner of an events business, there’s a new way to emphasize to the online community what you're all about. It's with the dot-events (.events) domain.

‘Dot-events’ is among the newest options to help you break free from the 'dot-com' pack. In a single word, you can clearly tell people that you’re an events-oriented website -- and do so without restricting it to one type of event genre. You could handle weddings, concerts, corporate functions, kids' birthday parties (or all of the above). Or, your site could be a go-to organization's calendar. This versatility of 'dot-events' makes it especially ideal for businesses that encompass a variety of services, as well as for organizations that seek to eventually expand.

For inspiration, check out this Pinterest page devoted to businesses getting in on the ground floor with this "not-com" domain option. Below are a few examples of how organizations are using it.


We all scream for it. ‘Icecream.Events’ is owned by Cooler Affairs, a Chicago-area ice cream catering company. It provides ice cream catering for corporate functions, parties, school festivals, church events and other happenings.


Rock on in Romania. This website is owned by a Romania-based party promotion company. In addition to having a descriptive, memorable name, ‘blackout.events’ documents its parties via YouTube channel and Instagram, so guests can relive events they attended. (And with a name like “blackout,” we’re pretty sure this comes in handy for partygoers that party a little too hard.)

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If you’re bored in the Bay Area, you didn’t check out this website. It provides information on events in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara, Berkeley and San Jose -- from discos to block parties to artist-in-resident programs.


Say cheese. Foto Favors provides open-air photo booths for events such as fundraisers, festivals, weddings and corporate functions. The choice of the ‘dot-events’ domain makes perfect sense for Foto Favors, as their products and services are featured at events.

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Inspired to seek out a ‘dot-events’ domain of your own? Curious what other new domain options are available? Click here to explore the options.