Why 'Dot-Camp' Isn't Just For Kids

dot-camp Ah, camp. For most, the word evokes a summertime setting where bunkbeds, scheduled activities spontaneous hijinks rule -- a setting specifically designed for kids.

But why should kids get to have all the fun? This childhood nostalgia factor has lent the word to some creative naming online -- specifically for organizations using the domain option 'dot-camp' (.camp). It's among the more than 1,000 new top-level domains (TLDs) that have either been released, or are about to be released, before the end of this year.

Name.Kitchen editors plucked a handful of 'dot-camp' websites that don't feature experiences with a kids-only restriction. In fact, most featured below are geared toward adults only -- great for those seeking a bit of that youthful nostalgia or for those who never got to experience camp as a kid.

We figure if they've gotten creative with their domain name, there's bound to be creativity (and fun!) within the 'camp' setting each one fosters.

Soul Camp www.soul.camp Soul camp is exclusively for adults looking to unplug and reconnect with themselves, and other campers. It offers activities such as yoga, dance, organic farming, arts and crafts and angel card readings. Soul Camp is offered on the East and West coasts: New York (Sept. 9-13) and California (Oct. 28-31).


Happy Startup Summer Camp www.happystartupsummer.camp In startup mode? Then check out this incubator weekend retreat near London. It's a playful-yet-productive experience specifically designed for entrepreneurs. Held September 18-20, this camp involves inspirational talks, workshops and plenty of networking.


Core Camp www.core.camp Enjoy "camp" in the privacy of your own living room. Core Camp offers online fitness programs, including nutrition and exercise videos.


Crescent Lake Camp www.crescentlake.camp This Wisconsin-based Christian Bible camp offers a place for families to rest, relax and play in a safe environment alongside a serene lake. Camp lasts for six days at a time, from July 5 - Sept. 7.


Coworking Camp www.coworking.camp This "camp" brings visionaries together in a temporary co-working space ... at a beach resort hotel in Tunisia. Campers include startup founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote digital workers. Attendees make new meaningful connections to grow their business running through this Nov. 2 - Dec. 13.


Flying Camp www.flying.camp Soar like a bird! Located in Tennessee, this organization provides a "camp" experience via year-round lessons in paragliding.