Why These Dog Businesses Are Cuddling Up to 'Not-Coms'

dog business-01
dog business-01

By Erica Bray and Erin Kelly

The release of the ‘dot-dog’ (.dog) domain has tails wagging around the world. Finally, a domain option that tells the world that you’re all about man’s best friend.

Just think of the possibilities:

  • www.WaggingTails.dog (a dog-walking service)
  • www.FidoSmith.dog (a dog's personal website)
  • www.CleanCut.dog (a dog grooming service)
  • www.ILoveMy.dog (a site dedicated to cute pooches)
  • www.AdoptA.Dog (information about finding a best friend)

(Sorry, cat lovers: The ‘dot-cat’ (.cat) domain is restricted to the Catalan-speaking community only. Mee-ow.)

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Even before ‘dot-dog’ was a thing, however, dog-oriented businesses have been cuddling up to the diverse assortment of “not-com” choices entering the Internet namespace. You needn’t settle for a ‘dot-com’ (.com) or a ‘dot-net’ (.net) anymore – not when you can better articulate your company focus with one of the hundreds of new domain options available. Options range from the business-specific (.photography) to the professional (.agency) to the colorful (.guru).

Below are a few dog-centric companies that have seized a “not-com” website name that is as creative, meaningful and memorable to their respective businesses.

Holistic Animal Clinic www.HolisticAnimal.Clinic

holisticanimal.clinic - dog
holisticanimal.clinic - dog

Graham Quigley is a San Francisco Bay-Area acupuncturist who operates a practice exclusively for pets. The majority of his clients are dogs, and he can treat up to six per day. “Some are paralyzed, some have crippling anxiety, some battling cancer, some just are old with arthritis,” he says.

He wanted to purchase ‘HolisticAnimalClinic .com’ for his business, but was told it would cost $10,000 – which was way out of his price range. That’s when a friend clued him into the ‘dot-clinic’ (.clinic) domain option. He jumped at it.

“It's the name of my business and my practice and my corporation, so ‘HolisticAnimal.Clinic’ fits very nicely into that,” Quigley says. “There's no reason to wish for a ‘dot-com’ address when the future is going to be this branding, with all of these different ‘not-com’ domain names.”

Island Dog Training www.IslandDog.Training

Margie Weisman runs Island Dog Training in Huntsville, Ala. The dog trainer veteran of 15-plus years first secured the domain ‘Island-Dog-Training .com’ for her business before learning that ‘dot-training’ (.training) was available. She seized the opportunity to make the switch.

“I like the ‘dot-training’ [.training] because it implies that it’s not a corporate place, and I think that’s important when you’re dealing with dogs,” she says of her website name. “It’s warmer and fuzzier. And it tells you what we’re doing: training.”

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DogStar www.DogStar.life


Mike Karp and Yannis Tsampalis are turning a start-up project at Cornell Tech into a business enterprise, with a cool domain name to match: www.DogStar.life. The website features the DogStar Tail Tracker, described as “the world’s first dog emotion tracker.” It’s a small sensor ring that is attached to the dog’s tail to measure emotional response, which is then communicated to the owner’s smartphone via an app.

Karp says the tail movement translates into emotion that can help make decisions to dramatically improve the life of your dog. Pet parents can contribute to an Indiegogo campaign launching this fall to be among the first to own the device. It’s the first of a suite of smart accessories to improve the care, and ultimately the lives of, pets – something reflected in the domain name chosen for the brand.

“There just wasn’t anything out there we felt captured the brand better,” he says. “We wanted to be all about the life that you share with your pet rather than just a one-off product.”

Happy Tails Pet Care www.HappyTails.care

happytails.care - elena
happytails.care - elena

Elena Tolsen traded a career in restaurant management to pursue her biggest passion: working with animals. She founded Happy Tails Pet Care, a pet service based in Queens, NY, and happily walks, babysits and takes care of dogs, cats andbirds across the New York City borough.

She chose a ‘dot-care’ (.care) domain on the recommendation of a tech-savvy uncle and because it emphasized the heart of her business.

“’Dot com" is standard and familiar enough,” Tolsen says, “but at the end of the day, in an extremely high trust service like pet care, I love taking every chance to represent how genuinely prioritized and important animal health and wellness is to us.”

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P.E.T.S. (Pet Emergency Transfer Service) www.PETS.cab

creamy update
creamy update

Pets become a part of the family, and Dr. Lisa Aumiller has a way to treat them as lovingly as a human is treated in an emergency.

Pet Emergency Transfer Service, or P.E.T.S., launched in 2014 as a service that transfers pets to the vet, the groomer or from one hospital to another to see specialists. P.E.T.S. operates as a fully equipped ambulance and is owned by mobile veterinarian, Aumiller, who also runs HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service.

When Aumiller heard PETS.cab was available as a domain name, she jumped on it for this piece of her business. She says it makes a great first impression with clients.

“‘PETS.cab' has a nice ring to it.," Aumiller says. "Once you hear it, you get a picture in your mind of what we do. Hopefully, that sparks an interest that leads them to our site, so they can get detailed information about the range of services we offer."

Get Your Wag On www.GetYourWagOn.photography


'Get Your Wag On' is the name of the photography business founded by Tara Lausch, a former elementary school teacher who now works as a dog trainer and pet photographer. As she says on her website, GetYourWagOn.photography, she traded "human kiddos for the fury kind."

Lausch is able to emphasis her role as a photographer in an obvious way with the 'dot-photography' (.photography) domain, and her knowledge as a trainer helps her take creative and dynamic photos since she understands canine behavior and body language.

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Snowdog Guru www.Snowdog.Guru

snowdog.guru - husky puppies
snowdog.guru - husky puppies

Paul Mather isn't just a dog person, he's a husky person -- and the creator of Snowdog.GuruHis site contains all sorts of goodies for husky owners with article topics ranging from how to make chicken soup for a cold pooch to tips about grooming your snow dog.

Mather stumbled across 'dot-guru' (.guru) as an option after learning that "Snowdog .com" wasn't available. He loved it immediately.

"Dot-guru was actually ideal for the kind of website we wanted to launch," Mather says. "Snowdog.com‪ is much less descriptive than Snowdog.Guru. Our aim is to educate."