Wine, Coffee & Beer: How These 3 Words Are Changing the Internet


Drink this up: Three of the world’s most beloved beverages now have their own domain extensions.

If you’re passionate about coffee, there’s ‘dot-coffee’ (.coffee). As in:

If you’re enthusiastic about beer, there’s ‘dot-beer’ (.beer). As in:

Check out these websites -- they are all real businesses.

And now, ‘dot-wine’ has joined the ranks as one of the newest “not-com” domain options available. This extension – surprise, surprise – caters to the wine community or anyone with a general enthusiasm about reds, whites and everything in between. Here are a few websites that have sprouted since ‘dot-wine’ became available to the public this January:

‘Dot-coffee,’ ‘’dot-beer’ and ‘dot-wine’ join hundreds of domain options that have been rolling out to the public since late 2013. Others include everything from ‘dot-agency’ (.agency) to ‘dot-photography’ (.photography) to ‘dot-guru’ (.guru).

An online revolution

‘Dot-wine,’ ‘dot-beer’ and ‘dot-coffee’ are part of a much bigger transformation taking place online. It's a massive expansion of the Internet namespace -- akin to the the great land expansions over the centuries. Just as civilizations have explored, discovered and charted new territory in a quest to expand across Earth’s landscape, the same is happening today across the digital landscape. New "cities" in the form of new domain extensions are the result.

And it’s about time: The Internet is saturated with website URLs ending in ‘dot-com’ (.com) and ‘dot-net’ (.net). It’s gotten way too crowded. For those launching new websites today, good luck finding a domain name in either of these endings that either isn’t already taken or won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

However, with hundreds of new options available, not only do you stand a greater chance to find a URL that is available, but you can create one that is much more meaningful and memorable.

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Sip, sip, click

But … why are beverages getting their own domain extensions? The short answer: Because each one is a major global industry that warrants a footprint in this bigger domain expansion.

Beer is a $250 billion-dollar industry in the U.S. alone; wine generates more than $37 billion; and coffee more than $30 billion. Massive communities of businesses, brands and enthusiasts are already clustered around beer, wine and coffee -- globally -- and are selling, buying and exchanging information online.

As these communities continue growing, there’s increased thirst for content and e-commerce that comes at the click of a mouse, or with a simple swipe or tap. It makes sense to support and foster these Internet communities with unique domain extensions to match.

Just think of the possibilities to make your beverage business, brand or blog stand out:

(Sorry, milk, tea and lemonade. Maybe you’ll get your own domain extension in the near future.)

In the meantime, these new domain endings don’t have to be all business. We can have a little fun with them, too. Below are some website names that could be put to good use by someone with a sense of humor. All are still available for purchase as of Jan. 21, 2016. … for the still-to-be-determined inventor of this elusive beverage … for the performance artist who functions on caffeine instead of sleep … for BuzzFeed Host Matt Bellasai’s show of the same name (just sayin’, Matt!)… for those who see beer as a form of currency … an online support group for those getting over a caffeine addiction… for the band UB40