You Have Permission to 'Dot-Horse' Around on the Internet

HORSE-01 While we're all taking bets on whether or not American Pharoah will win this year's Kentucky Derby, there's another horse making some noise on the Internet: 'dot-horse' (.horse).

Think it's a joke?  It's not -- well, not really.

This Pinterest page harnesses a handful of 'dot-horse' websites, both the professional and the humorous.

'Dot-horse' is part of a massive transformation on the Internet that includes more than 500 new "not-com" choices to help people get more creative, meaningful and memorable with their domain names. More than 1,300 new options will be available by 2016.

The 'dot-horse' option targets trainers, breeders, ranchers or any other business or individual with an interest in horses. But with a word like "horse" galloping into the domain space, it's hard to avoid the punchlines. There's even been some controversy, as when Walmart earlier this month went after the creator of parody website ''

While most 'dot-horse' websites are equestrian-oriented websites, a few are comedic or downright absurd. (Ah, creativity on the Internet!) There are even 'dot-horse' sites devoted to specific horses, such as Buttons.

Hey, if Buttons can get a domain, let's hope that the winner of this year's Kentucky Derby does, too.